A downloadable game

Hard PG is a hard RPG game in the vein of the legendary RPGs of old. Enemies are difficult, puzzles are challenging, there is no such thing as a quest icon.

The player will have a leveling system as well as a loot system for increasing stats to do more damage, block enemy damage ect.

Main attack is melee, spells are also used


Brad Anderson Brandon Shea Kevin Dec



Move: Left Stick
Rotate Camera: Right Stick
Attack: X Button
Block: B Button
Jump / Interact: A Button
Spellcasting: Y Button
Open Menu: Start Button
Close Menu: Select Button

Mouse and Keyboard:

Move: WASD
Rotate Camera: Mouse
Attack: Left Mouse
Block: Right Mouse
Jump / Interact: SPACEBAR
Spellcasting: F key
Open Menu: F1 key
Close Menu: F1 key

Main difficulties / challenges:

Memory management / run time complexity

Lighting / custom shaders

Art Assets (we're not artists)

This is a prototype, so look for future plans to include expanded gameplay and better graphics

Install instructions

Downloading and Installing:

Unzip the HardPG file to wherever you want

This is a prototype, so there is no install wizard. To play, you must navigate to the following directory:


Then double click 'aGame.exe' to play this awesome game!


HardPG.zip 173 MB